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Whether a screen porch or a deck, extending the living space of your home will add both investment and entertainment value to your home. At Masterpiece Exteriors, our custom, handcrafted solutions will provide you with a durable addition.

The Masterpiece Exteriors team has extensive experience working on new construction, additions, and tear-offs — all of which has provided us with a wealth of knowledge about the variety of materials and layouts you have to choose from. If you’re considering extending the living space of your home, be sure to weigh all options before making a decision about such a permanent fixture.

Screen Porch

The biggest benefits:

  • Enjoy the outdoors, bug free
  • Roof provides protection from the hot summer sun and rain
  • Screened-in walls allow refreshing breezes to flow through
  • Added space for entertainment, safe place for kids to roam


The biggest benefits:

  • More cost-friendly than a screen porch
  • Less time-intensive to install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Accommodates a significant number of people

What you’ll need to get started:

If you already have a porch, you may only need screens; if not, you’ll need to start with a building plan

Careful selection of building materials; watch for durability and know your environment

A building permit (in some cases); also, check for restrictions on size and location

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