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Insurance Claims

The unfortunate thing about Mother Nature is that her severe weather has a tendency to visit Southern Wisconsin on a fairly frequent basis. At Masterpiece Exteriors, we’re well versed in locating damage caused by hail and other severe weather — and in working with your insurance company to make sure you get all damage repaired.

If you think you have damage caused by severe weather, don’t feel panicked or rushed into making any decision on which exterior contractor to work with. The three most important factors to look for with exterior contactors are that they’re local, they’re licensed (in the state of Wisconsin), and they carry their own liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Showing documented proof of each upon request should not present a problem for any reputable local contractor.

Each insurance agency follows a slightly different process when assessing severe weather damage, but in general, the most common way to proceed is as follows:

  1. Contact your insurance agent as soon as the damage occurs and ask for the claims department. After providing the necessary information, you will be forwarded to a claims adjuster.
  2. Your insurance company will send their adjuster to your home first to do the assessment and to provide a cost estimate for repairing or replacing the damaged area(s). The ideal situation is for your contractor to meet with the adjuster, at your home, while the assessment takes place so questions can be answered immediately. It is in this phase that Masterpiece Exteriors tends to stand out from other contractors. We work in conjunction with your claims adjuster to make sure that everyone is up to date with recent building codes and that you are fairly compensated and represented.
  3. Once the agreed-upon amount is determined, the adjuster will put in a request to have a check cut for the cost of repair. The claims check will be sent directly to you. In some cases, the check will arrive within two days; other times it can take two weeks. Have this discussion with the claims adjuster and your exterior contractor so all parties are aware.
  4. If you have not done so, select your exterior contractor to perform the work. Make sure to ask the contractor to show you proof of insurance and their State of Wisconsin contractor’s license. If your project requires a building permit and the contractor is not licensed in the State of Wisconsin, they will not be able to obtain the permit to perform the work.
  5. Finally, when comparing estimates from multiple contractors, be sure to carefully review every detail on the estimates and compare apples to apples. The total cost of your project is of course a big factor in determining who you will work with; however, if you don’t see something listed on one estimate as compared to the others, it is most likely not included in that contractor’s estimate. This could result in “short cuts” being taken on your home, or in additional costs that will show up on your final bill.

Do not be fooled, or rushed, into signing a contract with an out-of-town contractor — the integrity of your home is at stake. We often receive calls from homeowners who chose to go with the low-cost, out-of-town contractor only be left with work not completed — or leaking roof or siding — due to incorrect installation, with the contractor nowhere to be found. Don’t let this happen to you. Whether or not you decide to work with Masterpiece Exteriors, please be sure to work with an established local contractor.

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