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Team MasterpieceTeam Masterpiece has been monitoring, tracking, and locating big buck activity in the Southern Wisconsin area for over 30 years. We are a team of 5 local whitetail deer hunters that love nothing more than sitting in tree stands on cool, crisp late-October mornings with our bows or video cameras in hand.

Our collection of Wisconsin trophies is second to none, and we work collectively to bring the best opportunities within yards of our tree stands. From shed hunting in the spring, to pruning our prime stand locations in the summer, to putting in countless dedicated hours come fall, we are true Wisconsin deer hunters.


No tree? No problem.

Stop settling for trees and start putting your trail camera where you want to — on or off the trail. The Stic-N-Pic provides bowhunters more precise scouting results with greater mobility in placing their trail cameras in desired locations.

The Stic-N-Pic offers an adjustable camera height of 26 to 46 inches and a rotating shaft that swivels 360 degrees, holding up to three trail cameras on one stand. It’s made from steel and, with a 3-prong stand, the Stic-N-Pic can stand securely on any ground.

Most trail cameras manufactured today come with a tripod mount located at the bottom or rear of the trail camera: You simply mount your trail camera to the Stic-N-Pic with a thumb screw, adjust the height and direction of your camera to your desired location, and you’re set. It’s that simple.

To learn more about the Stic-N-Pic and place an order, visit: www.sticnpic.com

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Along with our own experiences, we have also had the privilege of forming lasting relationships with some of the industry’s most respected hunters. Check out any one of these top hunting sites for the latest and greatest on whitetail hunting:

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